Saturday, September 30, 2006

another chapter

The academic year started before I had a chance to return to Belgium. So I jumped back into that as soon as I could, which was three days late. Now I'm doing an internship in the delivery room of a hospital in Sint-Truiden. This is a town with no internet café. In fact, I asked some ladies in the street and they were very excited to hear of such a phenomenon!

It's fine though; I have enough fascilities at the hospital. I get to spend the night there and even my food is provided for. I've assisted three births during the week that I've been here. None of them were assisted solely in Dutch. The languages used were Russian, French, Arabic, English and Chinese. I try to speak a little of everything, which is impossible. Still, I like the variety.

I get to learn much from the midwifes and gynaecologists here. One day I hope to be in the teaching position. For now I'm happy with where I'm at.

To all the students: I wish you a great academic year!
To everybody: May you face every day with optimism, believing that you can achieve anything you truly wish for, as long as God wants it too.

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