Monday, October 08, 2007

why the blog died

I've got a couple of half-posts that I'm not sure what to do with. I could finish something and post it here of course. Sometimes I can't decide whether I want to be read. I've spent this past month settling back into a somewhat normal life. A life that's different from the one I lived before last summer.

There was a post called "why the blog died" and it goes as follows. Don't take it too seriously. Half-posts should not be taken entirely seriously I reckon.

I love someone and so I no longer know what to write here. He doesn’t read this blog and my thoughts are too often about him. So what is it to you, my dear reader?

I will tell you about the best thing though...

The best thing is that he blows away my fears. He says things like “you can get sick if you think too much” and “you can break things if you are so afraid”. He reads thoughts that flash across my face and tries to understand.

“Hello, where have you gone?” he’ll say and then I know I’m on a wrong track and need to get back to where we tend to meet. He is perhaps more of an optimist than I am, as he challenges my right to worry.

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