Monday, December 03, 2007


The most beautiful people are the seekers of truth. Interesting, often melancholy, worth being friends with, I believe. I’d dare say the best kind are the seekers, who haven’t found yet. Because they will keep seeking and on their way, they find many treasures. To know them means you’ll get to catch glimpses once in a while. Glimpses that inspire to also be a seeker. The seekers suffer, because they struggle to find rest. Yet suffering brings beauty, the way a pearl is formed from the irritation inside a shell and the way a diamond is cut in shape to be perfected.

I came to these thoughts after checking out the Space of Herman van Veen, a great Dutch artist.

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Soet said...

hé wat toevallig,
de laatste dagen ook net weer helemaal gefascineerd door Herman van Veen en zn muziek. (gisteren twee cd's gekocht) Geweldige man.