Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nujoud did it! The little Yemeni girl who managed to get a divorce after being forced into marriage at the age of 8, has shaken up her country. Her story brought about a new law, setting the minimum age for marriage at 17. Not only that, the new law gives women the right to alimony after a divorce and grants them custody to their children (under the age of 12). Amendments worth celebrating.

A big step, although it will be a while before true change will come about in Yemen's villages. People need to be told about these new rules and why they are important. Just as it is not enough to forbid female circumcision, in countries where many fathers and mothers don't watch the news.

What can I do about it. Very little. I'll start by saying I'm proud of Nujoud. Such a cool girl. May grown men and women find her kind of courage.

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