Thursday, June 20, 2013

World Refugee Day

We have reached a new world record. One of those records not to be proud of - way too many: 45 million refugees!  

European governments and individuals seem to experience a certain queasiness at this growing number, perhaps not so much because of the horrific meausure of problems faced by the refugees. The greater fear is that waves of refugees will come like a tsunami towards our safe havens. We wish to declare their countries 'safe' so they may go away instead of disturbing our social system.

On World Refugee Day, Syrian children in refugee camps fly kites with messages to the world. They come down to "Please help us return home". They do not wish to migrate to Europe. They just want to go home and they want home to be a safe place.

They probably won't be able to do so if the world keeps her eyes firmly shut.

Photo by Greg Beals, UNHCR

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