Monday, October 13, 2014

remembering well

Do you know who this is? I'm afraid most of my audience will have no idea, although there are some hints in the photo, which I found on a website dedicated to remembering him. This is the man most of us recognize only in orange coveralls, kneeling next to his murderer. That is the image we have seen and still see every time the news covers the horrors of ISIL. I wish that would stop. I wish we'd remember photos of the real Jim.

James Foley was a remarkable journalist and brave human being. Most of his work was behind the camera, so he wasn't very much in the picture. He deserves better than for all of us to remember him only the way he looked in his final moments, after being broken and dehumanized. He was a man who cared about the stories he told and the people he met. People in war zones and terror-struck times of their lives. He died because he had the courage to go where most of us would rather watch from far off (at a distance of preferably about half a globe!).


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