Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter is coming

Painting by Wael Mories, @WMories

Silently they walk, following their Savior,
each man with his own guard and slayer.
But not the One pierced by our transgressions,
who bears our sin and shame, our sickness, pain.
It seems too much for just one man:
"Why don't you save yourself and run?"

Still He knows: later death will be defeated.
His crown of thorns will be of gold.
He is their hope and their salvation.
His death brings life to their dry bones.
He is their dignity now in this time of trouble.
Their faith unshaken, their hearts still.

This sea will wash away their blood,
and we'll stand horrified and shocked.
The Father cries and opens wide the gates
of their eternal home and refuge-place.
And singing of the angels fills the sky:
defeat is turned to victory once more.

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