Saturday, October 21, 2006

a testimony

While looking for the words of Bill Drake's song "I'll obey", I stumbled upon this testimony of someone who learnt to forgive. It's impressive. I know very little about forgiveness compared to this person. Yet it is something we all need to learn.

You must do something with your anger, if it's alive in your heart. You must get rid of it to stop it from eating away at you inside. And it's necessary to do this if you are ever to grasp the concept of Grace, which the Bible tries to teach us.

We are so easily angered. Sometimes we even give ourselves the right to be angry at God. Perhaps you have more reason to be that way than I have, but whatever your reason, please don't settle comfortably into bitterness. If you are angry, remember that often it's because you just don't have all the facts!

God asks us to forgive and He asks us to trust Him. I'll obey Him because He is the God who gives me life.

I’ll obey and serve You
I’ll obey because I love You
I’ll obey, my life is in Your hands
For it’s the way to prove my love
When feelings go away
If it costs my everything
I’ll obey

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