Friday, May 05, 2006


Honestly, I'm quite disappointed with my photos of the wedding in Sweden. Not with this one though. It shows how some people don't change more than they're supposed to. (c;
Mirjam was a beautiful bride, but her shoes were...ehm, not there mostly (and when they were they were the simplest of flip flops). Her feet are the same as when I met her. They once inspired me to write a song about the feet that bring good news.


Carlien said...

Hi Annegreet,
Came across your blog a few weeks ago. It's great & you've really inspired me to write more!
Hey, I would love to see more photos from the wedding.. like their top halves :)
Any chances?
Carlien (back on the old lady!)

annegreet said...

Welcome, Carlien! ;) Well, you should write're good at it!
I'll email you some pics. Maybe I should mention that the person on the left is Lizzy and not the groom! He was not wearing a dress. (c: True, knowing them, it wouldn't have been shocking if he had...

sarahm said...

I indeed was wondering wheter the person on the left was the groom :)

Lucas said...

Je hebt eindelijk die update!
Kijk maar naar mijn blog.