Thursday, May 04, 2006

spring then

Yeah, the sun is finally shining again (it always comes after the rain, hey?), which makes me all the more ecstatic about life. No, I'm not always on a high, but there are times when I do think I'll burst if I get any happier than I am.

I was in Sweden the weekend before last and it was a perfect trip. Went there to see two friends get married while fearing it would all be too short. Mirjam is a good friend from Doulos, and she shares with Gustav this crazy love for the Arab world. I can understand that. They are a cool couple and it was so much fun to see them together. And since I will be seeing them again, I think the timing was perfect.

I stayed in a backstreet area of Stockholm with some Doulos girls. The morning after the wedding we had breakfast outside in the sun in our pyjama's. Scandinavia and warmth...and I was reminded of random things we used to do in Africa. This was an area where most Sweeds would not go for breakfast, but somehow I felt at home.

Met up with a bunch of people I haven't seen for about three years. So cool to see them happy and still on fire for God. So cool to see that we still have things in common and that we haven't forgotten the good times we've shared.

Then I returned to Belgium to a group of friends I won't be saying goodbye to for a while yet. That feels good.


sarahm said...

little hug!

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(c; Nice.