Wednesday, May 03, 2006

new life

Hard to post something on real-life births and not sound all foggy and stuff. I should spare you the details of the mess it is!
Anyway, I’m doing my first internship at the delivery-room and I have to say: “I love the job that will be mine!” Well, that is an encouraging thing to find when you have been studying something for a while.
It’s obvious that I’m not yet a qualified midwife. There’s so many things I’m doing for the first time and with a bunch of experienced people watching it can be nerve-wrecking. Plus I’m supposed to guide people through an experience that is new for them, but sometimes even newer for me.
Well, I don’t always know what the gynaecologist is asking me to do even, so that adds to the mess in my head. All this will get better I guess…but I taste the rush of adrenaline and think I could get addicted.
It’s awesome to go with people through such a huge life-event. It’s a challenge to have them enjoy it as much as possible, while you learn to stay alert and make sure it’s a kind of smooth delivery.
After a lot of effort we welcome new life into a world that many aren’t very content with in the first place. At that moment things are somehow simplified and we are contented people. A child is born alive…and life is worth living.


sarahm said...

easter .. new life ... spring
I think you're gonna be a great midwife!

ShackelMom said...

Ah, that is so wonderful! I remember the first births I went on, as a doula and then as a midwife's assistant. Such an amazing thing never gets old; the mother's effort, the body's knowing what to do, and the sudden appearance of a fully formed human baby, who looks around and knows his mothers voice...

Enjoy being a watcher now because when you are a qualified midwife, you will probably not feel the same wonder until your job is safely done. It is a wonderful proffession!

annegreet said...

You are so right, I noticed it at the first birth I witnessed. I was looking at all the 'technical' things I'm supposed to remember and the wonder almost passed me by. Kinda sad that, but the satisfaction of the job is not lessened. Well, as a student I simply cannot afford being only a watcher. But I will keep my 'reflection moments'. ;)

Luke said...

as a male, I guess I can say that it is absolutely astonishing.. all the time. the fact that a woman grows a child in their belly, and the whole birthing thing. weiiird!! but very cool. it helps having my mom teaching birthing classes in the house while we kids were growing up. it's still strange, but not quite as alarming or uncomfortable like it'd be for other guys.