Tuesday, March 28, 2006

big little brother

Oh, I really had to laugh seeing this...his ramblings about a breeze especially. It reminds me of him and good times we've spent with him telling me funny things.

My brother Luke or Lucas or Luqa, he's great! Yup, I am proud to introduce you (if you don't already know him of course). ;-) Anyway, go to his blog if you want to know more and I hope he will post more too. Have to warn you though...he looks a bit like me, even his blog does! :P

He used to ask me if I didn't feel like a breeze...like being one. I left him on an island and moved to Belgium, only to find myself joining a Flemish youth-organisation that goes by the name of Breeze. (By the way, that link goes to a Belgian site, most of it in the Dutch language, but there should be some part in English sometime soon.)


Frodo said...

Much better with the spacings :)

i'm keeping my eye on this one..

annegreet said...

Thanks loads! I always appreciate hearing your views.

Lucas said...

Who's Frodo?
I thought he was a fictional
character, but now it turns out he really exists! Thanks Frodo for throwing the ring in the fire...
I'm not quite sure if I could have done it, although...
Hoe dan ook je bedankt voor die lieftallige brief over mij.
Ontroerend gewoon, alleen de link
"this" werkt niet hoor.
Nou de mazzel daar in Belgenland.
Doegie...ciao ;)

annegreet said...

Nu wel. ;)
Yeah, Frodo exists! One of the people I wanted to invite here to keep an eye on my ramblings and he agreed to do that for me. Thanks, Frodo!

Frodo said...

no thanks :)

bibab said...

Hi anegreet!!!

hope all is well with you... I like your blog...


annegreet said...

I think it's time i sent you an email. But yeah, things are well with me...thx!